Saturday, March 14, 2009

Earl of Bread and Meat

Apparently I’m not a purist because I hate rye bread. Pastrami too (was watching 
Sandwich Paradise on Travel Channel). But I love a good sandwich. Man, I’ve been eating sandwiches forever! Aint nothing like a good PB & J. I’m a chunky peanut butter gal. Last year, I ate at Peanut Butter and Co. for the first time for an article I wrote for NY Resident Magazine

Then there’s the other go-to mainstay, a tuna fish sandwich. I don’t eat tuna fish sandwiches from restaurants or delis. Just can’t do it. But after I drain the can, I add some ranch dressing or honey mustard, mix and eat. Simple, and I use the entire can in my sandwich. 

During junior high school, I think I raised myself on ham and cheese, lettuce and tomato, mayo on one side. I remember shopping trips with my mother and we’d get a ham and Swiss from Blimpie. I’m not a fan of wet sandwiches, but I had to have the oil and vinegar running down my knuckles as it dripped off the curved ends of the raw onions. My tastes have matured and the combination of the different hams (or turkey) and cheeses from around the world, never gets old. And that shredded iceberg you get from the deli has been replaced with mesclun greens. 

Meatball subs turn me off. Just the sight of them. As does the thought of eating a Reuben – sauerkraut and corned beef? Not to mention that bread (see opening statement) But I do like a good pizza burger. Don’t get me started on burgers…

I made a great sandwich for lunch today! It started with a chicken cutlet that I seasoned with salt, black pepper, paprika, garlic, cilantro and parsley. A quick searing on extremely high heat to seal in the juices, then I lower the heat and cover. Juiciest chicken ever. While that’s cooking, I cut my rolls open and put it on the burner, high flame, about 10 seconds each side. When I’m almost ready to take the chicken off the heat, I lay a slice (or 2) of gouda or muenster cheese on the chicken, just until it starts to get soft, not to the melting point. That chicken & cheese combo goes right from the flame to the bun, cradled by a bed of crisp lettuce. Chilled salsa is scooped onto the chicken. It’s the juiciest, freshest, flavorful sandwich with a little bit of spice and char from the bun, the hot and cold dancing provocatively in my mouth. Dee-Lish! This sandwich can also be prepared with those burger patty-sized portabella mushrooms for my vegetarian comrades. My kitchen is always open.

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  1. Mmmm...that sounds good! Sandwiches are always great, although I'm not a fan of a wet sandwich either. I always get made fun of for eating dry sandwiches.


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