Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Shoot in My City, Abigail Ekue Photography

For the second half of 2016 (how is it the 2nd half of the year already??) and beyond, I will be combining my work and travel a lot more!

So I've a gotta question for you: 

Which cities should I visit for private photo shoots?

Between my own desire to visit and requests I've received, the following cities are being considered:

Las Vegas
San Francisco
New Orleans
Washington DC
Minneapolis/St. Paul

The photo shoots I provide are portrait & personality, editorial, nude and erotic. Shoots for the second phase of Bare Men will have a participation fee to cover travel, photo processing, equipment and prints. View my portfolio here: Abigail Ekue Photography

If there's a city I should consider visiting to book private photo shoots, let me know! Travel schedule will be a reflection on demand.

*   *   *

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