Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Racist Vagina

I have a Rosa Parks coochie; it aint getting up off black dick for nothing. I figured I’d choose a well-known historical Black figure to illustrate my point. John Mayer caught major heat for saying he doesn’t like to partake in sexual congress with Black women. I don’t see a problem with that. I think folks took it real personal because he chose such a polarizing figure like David Duke to illustrate his racial preference in sexual partners. If he had said he didn’t like to have sex with fat girls or skinny bitches, there would’ve been a lot of nodding along while folks read that interview too. 

We all have our preferences. Some racial, some not. Some of us would never be as vocal about them but we have them. I’m sure before John Mayer, you’ve heard your friends or friends of friends say they “only date white girls” or they “only date black guys”. Having racial preferences is nothing new (neither is having preferences of any kind); It’s called “having a type”. And I believe some of the Black women who were snaking their necks and rolling their eyes don’t like white men anyway. What I had a problem with was Mr. Mayer talking about having a “nigger pass”...and that might be the only problem I had with his interview—keep that word out your mouth, Mr. Mayer…

But back to the point of this post—my preferences (The dynamic of my interracial romantic and platonic relationships? I’ll tackle that later). I went through a phase where I “dated” (you know what I mean by that… hush!) white guys and Black guys. Under the umbrella of “white” I put the rocker grunge dudes, Italians, French, Jewish, Midwestern etc. Now it’s almost as though I don’t notice them anymore. Of course, I’m aware they exist but my heart and Kitty don’t jump when I look at them anymore. I can certainly find them attractive and sexy (the way Mayer sees the beauty in some Black women), a fling isn't out of the question, but it stops there. 

I want cocoa brown babies. It’s cultural; it’s what I was exposed to at the time of puberty. That plays a huge role in what we find sexually attractive. Not just whether or not we want a roughneck (remember that word?) or a Poindexter, but also what they look like. Nature determines if you’re attracted to men or women or both. Nurture determines what it is about that person you find attractive.

A few weeks ago, I received an email out of the blue from someone I was emailing back in 2007. I had no recollection of who they were—this was from back in my CL days. We emailed a few times. He kept mentioning how intriguing and beautiful I was. I couldn’t return the compliment because I had no clue what he looked like. I imagined he was an older gentleman since he had the number 1954 in his email address. I got really excited fantasizing about whether he’d look like James Pickens Jr.—all dark and sexy like. If you ever find yourself single, James, please don’t let your age stop you from approaching me. Also if you happen to be an alcoholic like your character, I can work with that too. 

I asked mystery 2007 email guy to send me a photo and he did. He’s a good looking white guy. There went the fantasies of dating someone with the possibilities of getting serious. I’m not dating separately from my heart and uterus the way Mayer wants to start dating separately from his dick. At this point in my life, if you put two men in front of me, equally attractive with good values, good hearts, good heads and good earning potential, I’ll choose the one who can give me cocoa brown babies (The next tier of the screening process is does this guy want to have babies with me or does he want to be with me and have babies?).


  1. I so agree with you. This piece was so wonderful and innovative. Love it!

  2. Thank you! Preferences aren't terrible or bad to have, but after a lifetime of experiences it's possible that you'll develop them.

  3. I'll have to ignore this information because as a white man who has from the time I first saw you on model mayhem fantasized about you it would tend to impede the scenarios I have created over your image. Hope that's ok...


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