Sunday, June 6, 2010

Strange Strokes

Another symbol of my generation passed last week - Gary Coleman. It was sad and I went on a Diff’rent Strokes binge for about two days after and I’m still laughing at what Marlon Wayans posted on Twitter (@MarlonLWayans). He said you know you’re cute when other kids think you’re cute. So true!! Gary Coleman (Arnold Jackson) was ADORABLE.

Last week, Coleman, 42, died of a brain hemorrhage after a fall in his home. When he slipped into a coma, he was taken off life support. I’m still angry and suspicious of the 911 call his wife made after the accident. You can’t predict how you’ll react in a crisis, it’s very common to go into shock, but that is why I need to be with, cohabitate etc. with someone who can save my life like I can save theirs; know CPR, basic First Aid, or have the presence of mind to go get help. What angered me most about the call was Shannon Price (disregarding the possible shock she was in) was useless and not helpful at all.

First of all, she called from upstairs, when Coleman was lying downstairs in the kitchen. How are you going to tell 911 dispatch what’s going on with the patient if you’re not near the patient? And she sounded aggravated that the dispatcher was asking questions.

“Send someone quick cause I don’t even know if he’s gonna be like alive…”

She seemed more concerned about being traumatized instead of helping Coleman.

“He’s lethargic… I can’t really help him.”

Umm… he’s "lethargic" so obviously you have to help him. The back of his head is cracked open because he probably fell off a step stool or ladder getting food for you. Again, I understand people go into shock when there’s a crisis, but he was obviously in worse shape that she was. The 911 dispatcher was trying to walk her through what to do and nothing.

“There’s like blood all over and I can’t do anything. And he’s spitting up.”

Head injuries bleed A LOT. So I can just imagine how gruesome the scene looked (as you can see, I'm trying to remain objective and sympathetic to her situation). Price, however, refused to follow directions from the 911 dispatcher and apply pressure to the wound. Instead, she offers, to “try and find a towel” for Coleman so he can do it himself.

You can hear Coleman mumbling/moaning in the background of the call. At one point, you can hear Price telling him not to move and not to get up. Clearly, Coleman is in shock; when someone is severely injured, they go into shock. So it’s up to the EMS or whoever the first responders happen to be to control the situation.

Price didn’t even want to go to open the front door when the 911 dispatcher told her EMS had arrived.

“Send someone quick cause I don’t even know if he’s gonna be like alive…”


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