Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kitty Makes Me A Girl

I was exchanging texts with my friend, StarPower, about Monday Night Raw before the conversation shifted to UrbanErotika™, an event I co-produced and StarPower performed in about 2 weeks ago. He told me that I looked really nice that night. I had received a few compliments the night of the show and accepted his gracefully as well. I told him I should “dress like a girl more often”, or maybe I just needed reasons to.

The next morning, I had an “aha” moment of sorts and decided to wear a skirt. I was making a few stops that day and I figured I would be comfortable enough. I clearly made the right decision when I walked into the APART showroom for Kitty Bradshaw’s 2 Year Blogiversary event. Normally, I’d rock a pair of jeans & a simple top or t-shirt. I didn’t stray from the t-shirt but wore it with my “dangerous curves ahead” skirt. I even wore slight heels and I even threw on some beads. All the attendees that night proved that writers and bloggers aren’t homely creatures with no fashion sense.

I take pride in my appearance, with my main objective being comfort. I take care of my body, skin and hair; I keep things simple and natural and got further confirmation that what I do works for me (special thanks to Rahul Mehendale of mySkin, Inc.). I’m not too obsessed with what I put on my body though. I’m not big on adornment. I don’t wear make-up and I wear minimal jewelry (earrings and a watch). At the blogiversary event they were also giving manicures to all invited guests courtesy of Priti Nails. I haven’t had a professional manicure since 2004.

Near the end of the evening, raffle prizes were awarded. The raffle proceeds benefited the Lower Eastside Service Center/Angel Thrift Shop. I won a custom pair of Nina Shoes. Me. Nina Shoes designs very sexy, funky styles including a pair of booties that light up. I approached Matthew Iles of Nina Shoes to give him my contact information and find out how I could claim my pair of shoes. I love that the first thing he said to me after a congratulatory hug was, “First of all, do you see anything here that you like?”

The estrogen-influenced side of my brain did like some of the shoes. I’m not great in heels; I’d need a ride arranged to take me to and from wherever I’m going if I’m wearing those heels (I’ve broken my ankle once in my life, no mas). I would definitely wear them for a photo shoot. I could capture images of the pop, pop, POP those heels give my legs. Yessiree!

So here I sit with my freshly manicured nails with my girlie parts girliefied (but never vajazzled) blogging (an activity that got me invited to Kitty Bradshaw’s Blogiversary) trying to decide on a pair of shoes and what photo shoot theme I’m going to wear them in. Can you imagine if the legs on the cover of my book were punctuated by a pair of 4-inch heels from Nina Shoes? That picture would be worth more than 1000 words (even though most of my stories are 2000).

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