Thursday, October 7, 2010

Everything Old Is New Again...And Still Kinda Old

I watched The Expendables about 2 weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon (I should note I started scribbling this blog right after I watched it) and marveled at how old Dolph Lundgren looked every time he was on the screen. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger's (or the Governator's as my friend called him) cameo didn't help the situation. These men are growing old right before my eyes. On the following Monday, I saw the commercial for Red and that's when it clicked and I tweeted: The Expendables and now Red -- I see where Hollywood is going.

Everything old is new again. I don't mean the endless remakes but the actors and the eras. Aside from Sylvester Stallone's eyebrows, it was refreshing to see people who actually looked 50 or 60 years old on screen. Side note: I enjoyed the return to a good old-fashioned shoot-em-up movie. I recently finished reading Beauty Junkies by Alex Kuczynski and the extent of plastic surgery in Hollywood and because of Hollywood is disheartening. (not taking anything away from her talent, but the over-saturation of Betty White is a sign that there just aren't that many older actress in Hollywood. And Cloris Leachman is doing her thing on Raising Hope! Who else could they have cast?

Boardwalk Empire is reliving the Prohibition era. It's becoming a hit by romanticizing the violence and sex of the time. In life, there's a return to eras past. In New York, there were a lot of garden parties this summer with 1920's theme. I went to the beach this summer and my friends and I bought jello shots served in plastic syringes out of a cooler and couldn't help thinking about the illicit nature of the deal. Nutcrackers are making a more public comeback. Speakeasies are thriving (if you can find one). I have plans in the works to host one. I can see the invitation now: Drink what you want to drink, puff and pass what you want to puff and pass. The red room will be open all night. I'll be in the corner doing some burlesque for you. 

Ok, I'm getting way off track here. There are some trends and eras that aren't so bad to revisit, but let's not return to Prohibition. If you tell people not to do something, they're gonna do it. So we might as well legalize marijuana (but that's another post for another day)...

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