Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gallery Crawl

Photo by: Mia Berg

I attended the evening reception of Mia Berg's WOMAN : CAMERA at Gallery 151 on Thursday evening. The nudity, self-portraits and Spencer Tunick got me through the door. After studying the images and the exchange of opinions, my friend and I headed to Chelsea for an impromptu gallery crawl.

One of the shows we checked out was "Returns" by Tip Toland.

The last stop on our crawl was at the Caelum Gallery. The second exhibit in the room caught my eye (three artists were showing). "Daydreams" by Sachie Watanabe. We were able to communicate fairly well despite my not knowing Japanese and her limited English. Watanabe shoots film creating an emotional texture to her images -- along with the B&W, shadowy figures and children. "Daydreams" is her second show in her photography career, and her second in New York. Despite the language barrier, she understood when I expressed how it can be hard to get "love" or recognition in your homeland; always have to go elsewhere for it.

"Daydreams" runs until March 24th.

I snapped this photo of Sachie Watanabe and my gallery crawl cohort. Some of you may recognize him from my latest project - a (currently) untitled male nude photo series. I'll be sure to let you know when and where my Opening Reception will be held!

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