Monday, December 21, 2015

Questions on Naked Men & Arousal, Seduction and Being a Woman Artist

How did I handle the men who become aroused during Bare Men photo shoots? Has work on Bare Men changed me as an artist or a woman? When's the book coming out?

Sarah McPhee asked me those wonderful questions about Bare Men after discovering it on Refinery29. It was very refreshing to receive her email - one step up from the praise emails and comments I receive and definitely better than the negativity from those who simply don't get or appreciate nudity or nude art. This one also had different tone from the interview in WideWalls.

The Refinery29 piece has sparked a couple more features on the series, and opened it up to The West. So far so good. On the screen photo galleries are somewhat transient. Wait till the book comes out and the photo exhibit.

Till then, check out the impromptu interview on Sarah McPhee's website and learn more about what goes on during the Bare Men photo shoots!

Bare Men (nsfw)

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