Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Musings on Global Warming and Hood Life

I started this blog in February by randomly musing about life and chimps. It's already December. Wow! A lot has happened this year. Good and bad, but nothing we can't grow and learn from.

Overheard on the streets today... One Black woman to her friend: He wanna get married but I'm like we don't gotta be married to have kids together...

And that is one of the major problems in the Black community.

I almost stopped to say something to her. I kept walking but I did have to turn around and get a good look at who was spewing this. I was downtown Brooklyn, by the court houses. Those who know me, know I can come up with a life story for someone on sight. She was dressed for work, but obviously the two women were on lunch. She's probably a legal assistant or has a gov'ment job so you know she's set. Hair was relaxed, chin length, but not a fresh doobie. And a man wants to marry her before having children and she's not hearing it...? I have no clue if her man is Black or not, or if he has other baby mamas but he's willing to try a build a stable home/family and meeting that sort of resistance... There's so much to say about this. Give me a minute to formulate my thoughts~

How many times does an earlobe have to split before you give up trying to wear earrings? Door knockers, at that. When I get a craving for some dirty chicken, there's no stopping me. And luckily my dirty chicken spot aint "dirty like that" and they make some really good hot wings and wedges. Dip those suckas in some BBQ sauce or ranch dressing and it's on! So anyway, I'm in the chicken spot and this larger woman comes in and the first thing I noticed was her jacket was 3 sizes too small and her baby was a cutie patootie. Then I tried my best to hide my recoil when I saw what was left of her earlobes. It was really time to give up wearing earrings. We all know you probably got them ripped off during some fight, so why give your next opponent something to yank on? Is it because you want to show the world you're some ghetto fabulous street warrior with a feminine flair? Does the earring match the ear-to-mouth keloid on your cheek?

Why am I getting mosquito bites in December? If I were in a swamp half-naked somewhere, I would just accept it, but I'm in NY. I'm afraid the little blood suckers will be back too. I've been consuming a lot of eggnog and now my blood is tainted with the holiday nectar. And they've gotten a taste of it... That's that damn global warming for you. Stagnant pools of water are still warm enough to incubate mosquito larvae. I still wear sleeveless tops under my coat. I even wore a thigh-baring skirt sans hosiery and a denim jacket on my birthday 2 weeks ago. In November. In New York City. Something's not right here. I touched on this earlier this year when we had that blizzard in March and then FIVE days later had 70 degree temps--global warming is real folks. And it starts with mosquito bites in December.

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