Thursday, July 22, 2010

Learning Curve

July 22, 2010  12:01am

Gaining the confidence I need to finally start my portrait project, Emotional Black Male (once the work and life issues work themselves out of course). I’ve already seen my exhibit in my mind’s eye...

The bloopers and the brilliance began on the roof of my apartment building. Day 2 I took the camera with me to Williamsburg. Now Day 3 of learning how to use a digital camera, night shooting was my main objective. It totally wasn’t planned that I’d be in Times Square the day I wanted to shoot at night, but I guess I had to pop my photography cherry in Times Square.

I live and die by my camera phone. And before then I had a 35mm…years ago. One thing I love about photography is it allows me to feed my voyeuristic nature. I also love that photography gives emotion to the split seconds captured in an image. I have to learn about exposure. Some of the photos are way too dark. I also have to develop a steadier hand because I won’t always have a tripod with me (and I clearly can't shoot while in a moving car). Plus, I have to be more patient with the slow shutter and work on focus. The learning curve is always greatest when you’re first learning something and I’m having fun. Creating.

I have to thank "Sir" Sterling Hudson, filmmaker, for being my first unofficial subject. And Michelle who we met at Novotel. The minute she walked in, I started snapping shots of her. She is so tall, brown and I love her hair. After talking with her, I found out she's a very intelligent, multilingual woman. My really good friend, Diego, is the reason I’m able to share these images with you. He lent me his camera in June but there was a block… I don’t know what. Maybe it’s that I’d be taking photos of people who will complain if the photos don’t look good. Mr. Johnson never complained, even when I sent him off a bridge. The characters in my stories just go where I put them and that’s that. Not sure if that’s the reason, but something stopped me from trying anything more than a few self-portraits at home. Then along came Conscious with his questions, can-do attitude and encouragement and I decided to pick up the camera.

View more of the "Day 3" photos... Click here


  1. There you go! All you needed was a lil nudge...


  2. Thank you! Totally appreciate (and needed) the push~

  3. Good photos, keep it up. I look forward to seeing more.

  4. Thank you very much, Roy! I haven't been able to shoot everyday, but I am getting in a lot of practice. Check the photo galleries on if you haven't already to see what else I've shot~


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