Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Wow Factor of Synchronicity

I finished reading What a Coincidence about 10 days ago. I decided to take some time to process it while continuing to notice a lot of synchronicity in my life and the ways my intuition leads me. I take that as a sign that I'm on the right path. Some moments of coincidence and synchronicity are truly "wow" moments. Also like Watkins, solutions are dropped into my lap if I make a definitive statement but don't dwell on it; once an intention is set, the pieces fall into place!

Recent examples of synchronicity and coincidence:

I want to include Faye in my interview series and made a mental note to send her an email about it. The next morning on my way to the dentist, I get off one train and cross the platform to wait for the next one. Seconds later, Faye appears on the platform from behind one of the sets of stairs at the West 4th station! I actually stand in shock for a while then gather myself and go over to say "hello". We chat for a while and it turns out we're both on our way to the dentist!

I had a thought or vision you could say of a my friend Geraldine* with her new boyfriend. In the "thought" we were at Apoth├ęke. But considering they don't live in New York, it wasn't something I counted on happening. The next day I was having a text conversation with a friend I'll call Roberta. I needed some info from Geraldine to pass on to Roberta so I sent a text. Geraldine informs me in her text response that she was coming to NY that weekend with her new boyfriend! Roberta and Geraldine are also the travel buddies I've designated for a trip to Morocco. 

I met a friend I'll call Ernesto for a drink on a Saturday night. At one point during the evening a punk rock song came on in the restaurant and we started discussing the music and punks in general. I told him about a young punk I'd recently had contact with (but we hadn't spoken recently). Before we left the restaurant a punk couple entered and Ernesto picked up a flyer for the AfroPunk festival -- he was considering going to the Sunday events and I'd learned about Erykah Badu headlining through the young punk. As he's walking me to the train station, he asks if I can take the bus home. I explain to him the only bus route that I know will get me home from that neighborhood. I'd never rode that bus before, it was at the suggestion of Ernesto that I take it -- perhaps it would be easier than taking the train and my being up for an "adventure" or new experience, I say sure. While on the bus, I check my phone and there's a text from young punk! A few moments later, the bus slows to a crawl as it tries to make its way through the throngs of people leaving the AfroPunk Festival!

Recently while pet-sitting for my friend Sophia, I couldn't help but notice the similarities to my last pet-sitting gig for Natasha - both with 2 small breed dogs, one male, one female -- the male dog older, the female a pup and kinda "crazy" or "high-strung". I also struggled both times with the dog harnesses. As intelligent as I am, I just can't figure those things out. The second day of pet-sitting for Sophia, I received an email about a comfy control harness for dogs. That message was loud and clear! I had to pet-sit this time around because Sophia is considering a move to another city and went to check it out. Natasha, who recently moved to another city, sends me a text two days after I'm done pet-sitting for Sophia that she's in NY for a few days and asks if I want to get drinks!

Watkins makes note that there are certain recurring themes that we encounter in our lives that we should take note of. I don't try to make things happen so that they work out as synchronicities but I do follow my gut. Some recurring themes for me lately have been:

Paris (and French-related "things")
ice cream
San Francisco
Anthony Bourdain
and, of course, synchronicity

While searching for a cover photo image of the book, I ended up on another blog, Loz in Translation, who'd recently read "What a Coincidence!" who (gathering from what I read so far) is spending the year abroad in Europe! So it continues...

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  1. I definitely experience synchronicity in my life. Also, my friends seem to go through similar circumstances, both good and bad, at the same time as I do. Reading this also reminded me I need to schedule a follow up appointment with my dentist for a cleaning I canceled in August. I am thinking of synchronicity again.

    1. The fact that your friends are experiencing it at the same time is more proof of synchronicity and also a collective consciousness. I keep a journal so it's fascinating when I go back and see something that I may have predicted actually happen.

      Get to the dentist before it's too late. Some of the astrological signs have might experience issues with teeth and bones.


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