Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Delicious Nasty Bits

If anything can make you fall in love with a man it would be reading him wax poetic about the tastes, sights, sizzles and textures of food from around the kitchen and around the world. That's what Anthony Bourdain did to me. I recently finished reading The Nasty Bits (which I bought a few weeks ago). Good lord, he's diddled my culinary travel nub exquisitely. He doesn't consider himself a writer? Well damn. He must have really good editors. I watched old episodes of No Reservations while I read it, adding to the experience.

Food is wonderful. It's a necessity. Yet I also love the process of cooking and preparing, presenting and consuming. Sharing a meal with someone is so enjoyable and bonding. I'd recently met someone and I have yet to see him eat. I later found out he eats one meal a day or a little over every 24 hours. We may never be able to "go to dinner", "share a meal" and that idea physically upset me.

Bourdain: good food does lead to good sex. As it should. 

On an subconscious level maybe I'm anticipating my time in dry dock will continue. But consciously, I know damn well I like to eat with people I like. The way someone eats is as telling as what someone eats (remember the Neanderthal?). I'll see if I can have a meal with said male to figure out what, if any, attraction there is between us.

Anthony Bourdain is releasing a chocolate bar. If it's dark chocolate, I may jizz in my pants. Yeah, baby. The love continues.

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