Thursday, November 1, 2012

Random Communications During Hurricane Sandy

Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY, October 30, 2012, the morning after Hurricane Sandy

On Monday, October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey. The  post-tropical superstorm (it was no longer a hurricane at that point) had joined forces with a Nor'easter and was generating blizzards, torrential downfalls, winds up to 100 miles per hour and very impressive and destructive storm surges, which were made even worse by the full moon, along the Eastern seaboard of the US.

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY, October 30, 2012

Subways and buses were shut down from the day before. Emergency alerts from the OEM were sent to cell phones (startling me quite a few times), and store shelves were stripped bare. I even did my share of shopping for storm preparedness and hunkered down.

A view of my shopping basket while in the checkout line. October 29, 2012

I was one of the fortunate ones to not lose power -- electricity, high speed internet or cell service -- during the height of the storm. ConEd shut off power to lower Manhattan to prevent anymore outages. A transformer in the East Village exploded. I checked in on friends and family during and after the storm via text and tweeted extensively .


God doesnt want obama to win so he sent the storm to keep democrats from voting

(I scolded said texter by texting their full government name)

U know obama was gonna win the north east. Plus republicans have cars

You're killing me! LMAO!

I laugh because I know the person the message is from. It's terrible that some people do believe things like that.

B safe 2day. Will have 2 get 2gether soon. Hope all is well

Hey --------! Yeah, so far so good over here. Collecting water just in case. Hope you and --------- are good!

We're at a local bar 2 blocks from home having a few drinks!

Best way to weather a storm! :-)

I found myself in a bar on the blacked-out LES 2 days later...

I needed a distraction from the 24/7 Sandy coverage and discussions so I text a friend who wasn't in New York.

Did you partake in the World Series celebrations? :-P

Yep. Set a bus on fire and beat up a cop. :-)


Just joshing. Saw all that shit happen though. Was a crazy night. Walking through it all while still on major drugs from a rave the night before.


Ah, San Francisco.

Hows sandy treating u?

So far so good. Have power but conserving. Got my weather channel porn. You?

Yea its jus wind here. Office closed today and tom so plenty of writing and knitting. Not going crazy with the eating.

Weather Channel porn = Jim Cantore.


Just heard 90% of LI is in the dark. When you can, send an SOS. Hope you're ok.

I'm work now actually, only 2 of us in my sector

Good to hear from you! I'm out on a walk. Cabin fever got me. You guys holding down the fort?

Yeah, went driving all morning to take in the carnage I'm at work now bored as hell lol

the next day: 
How are you holding up? Food, water, heat?

Food yes....water yes...heat no lol

Time to huddle together for warmth. Or sip whiskey.

Whiskey definitely

How are things in your part of NJ?

Trees n cable r down. No power. I can barely use my phone bc the service is bad. How abt u?
I'm lucky if this text goes through

Got your text. Glad you're ok. Save the battery.


I hope you are ok honey

Hey! Yeah everything's good here. My area of BK wasn't hit bad. You?

Sweet. My gated community had no issues. Wish i could say the same for my parents they don't have light

You safe and sound?

Yeah. No power loss. Not hungry. Waiting for winds to die down then I might venture out. Cabin fever!

I feel you on the cabin fever but boo bear just made bfast so now I'm sleepy.

Day 2: How's it going? Did you lose power?

Hey how are u.Did not lose power.I am fine.Was bored as hell though last Do you have power?

Dude! I'm pulling my hair out! Waiting for the wind to die down and then I might head out to see what's up. Did you go out yet?

I did end up going out on Tuesday and Wednesday and snapped some photos.

Hey, how'd the hurricane treat you? I hope all is well

---------! Hey! I was one of the fortunate ones. You? Got power? Heat?

Yes, I was one of the fortunate ones as well. I never lost power. Glad you were lucky too.

Headed home now. Went into Lower Manhattan w my camera. I passed by your store. Ghost town.

Yeah that's what I hear. So crazy. I'm apparently working tomorrow at noon.

You sporting any hickeys?

Haha not at the moment

There was a hurricane!

Hahaha I did fine during the hurricane, there's just no evidence.


How are you managing w/o power? Did you find a place to stay?

We have gas and water
So that is helpful
We're still in the LES
Keeping it real and not trying to let my spot
get robbed.
So I head out during the day to charge phone
Hope youre well

Ok. You got things covered. Carry on. :-)
I'm good in BK. I'm out again today. Heading into the city. Cabin fever averted.

Yeah I hear ya
Gotta keep walking and getting out
Stay safe and sane
Get back home before dark

Ditto. We'll connect.

Cabin fever was a recurring theme, understandably so.


So that's it. I'm done. Not done texting just done transcribing some of my Hurricane Sandy correspondence. I need to learn how to take screenshots on my phone. I've done it once, by mistake.

*   *   *

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