Sunday, November 11, 2012

He's Too Short For Me

He answered my ad, which was more of a rant on folks going online to meet people then never actually meeting.

He told me he was "quite young", in his 20's. In any capacity, I avoid them. But since this wasn't a date-date, I was my usual open-minded, adventuresome self. I sent the message, "Quite young"? Oh boy. But I'm not looking to date so I guess it's ok." I could go for some witty banter and a drink. What I did like was that he chose the place and time. I have declared to no longer deal with lazy men -- you ask me out then have a plan if I say 'yes'.

I arrive at the bar and it is way too loud and way too crowded so I wait outside. I send him an email letting him know I'm there. He was 5 minutes away. About 7 minutes later, I received this email: Ooo I just saw you I'm too short for you. I can't do this :'( I'm sorryyyy

I'm 5'2". If he's too short for me...

I've never gone on a blind date worried that the dude will see me, think I'm hideous, and change his mind. I still don't think that was the case. For him to be concerned about how tall he is compared to me led me to believe he had the wrong idea about what our meeting was about. I don't lead people on. If it's business, it's business. If it's casual/friendly, you get the friend thing. If I want you, I get you.

"Too short? Ha! You must've thought this was a date. SMH" I emailed back. "Yes, sorry." he replied.

My advice to him next time the youngin is on a date would be to pick a better establishment where he and his date will be able to hear themselves speak.

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