Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bursting To Burlesque

I finally bought a pair of pasties this week. They're called "French Titties". Those of you who know about my latest "everything French phase" really understand why I had to buy them. I purchased them at SHAG--they had a holiday party for family and friends. I flipped through all the packets of pasties like a playing cards, holding some of them up to my chest (would they provide adequate coverage?) or against my skin (would the colors complement or clash with my skin tone?). Then I found a B&W pair. Money!

I'd love to do burlesque. Maybe not for a career but I'd like to do a performance. I really enjoy watching burlesque. I think it's very sexy. A good show provides laughs and titillation. I'm most familiar with Brown Girls Burlesque and now they have a Broad Squad Institute. When I'm ready, I'll contact them and I'll be sure to invite all you to my graduation.

I had to see how the pasties would look on me and of course take some photos. I did a test shoot yesterday and had a lot of fun. Music was blasting, tassels were twirling and there were lots of bloopers. Beautiful bloopers. My arm is a little sore from tossing my weights around and the pigtails are down now. I have an idea of what my next shoot will be. Either I'll shoot it myself in a different environment or I'll work with a photographer. Any takers?

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