Monday, November 21, 2011

Do Goodies from Greyston Bakery

I love chocolate. I saw a tweet on my timeline about a week ago asking Tweeters to tell Greyston Bakery why they deserve free brownies. Hmm… I responded, not sure if it was a legit tweet but excited nonetheless. Turns out it was very legit.

I received my gift on Wednesday evening. A Do Goodie box containing four brownies: Walnut Fudge Brownie, Espresso Bean Brownie, Brown Sugar Blondie and a Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Go ahead and wipe the saliva from your lips.

I’ll wait…

The brownies are made with Belgium chocolate, cane sugar, unbleached flour, eggs and butter—all natural ingredients, whole ingredients that make for a quality baked good. I’d unknowingly tasted these brownies in the past. Greyston Bakery is the Brownie Artisan for Ben & Jerry’s –their brownies are used in various Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors (another brand I’m quite fond of). For anyone feeling guilty about indulging in these gourmet treats, don’t. The Greyston Bakery has an open-hiring policy that provides the underserved of Yonkers, NY employment opportunities (much needed in today’s economy) and career advancement. So what you’re telling me is eating these brownies is a good thing? On it!

The temptation to gorge myself on the brownies was enormous, but I decided to share the love. The next night (I waited a full 24-hours!), a friend and I sat on his couch as I pulled the box out of my backpack. “That’s what they sent you?” he took his now widened eyes off the Jets game just long enough to register what I was showing him. I nodded slowly with that gleam in my eye. I opened the Chocolate Fudge Brownie first. It was the perfect thickness, "fudgines"; the quality of the Belgium chocolate (unsweetened and semi-sweet) palatable. That was an amazing brownie. So rich, so right. I did my best to savor it. My friend was speechless while he ate a piece of the brownie. That's a good sign. “You gotta tell me what you think so I have something to write about,” I reminded him. I have no clue what the Walnut Fudge Brownie tasted like. I looked over when I heard him crumpling the wrapper. So I'll just assume everything I said about the Chocolate Fudge Brownie applies...with Walnuts. 

My friend passed on this one. He doesn’t drink coffee. I don’t drink coffee either but this was a brownie! I waited a few days before I taking the plunge. I took a whiff of the Espresso Bean Brownie—rich Belgium Chocolate Liquor—but not a strong hint of espresso. I broke off a piece and gave it another whiff. Yet my olfactory senses were only tickled by chocolate. I braced myself when I bit into the Espresso Bean Brownie and didn't taste the coffee flavor. There was a slight difference in flavor to this brownie than the Chocolate Fudge Brownie, but that’s probably my palate picking up what it wanted to (I did bite into a few of the Cocoa nibs). I was also afraid what the espresso would do to my system. I wasn't bouncing off the walls. In fact, soon after I finished the brownie, I took a nap. Cocoa Coma. 

The Brown Sugar Blondie was golden buttery goodness. Divine. I don't know what else to say. I fantasized about eating the batter for the Brown Sugar Blondie, with the butter and sugar mixture somewhat chewy but melting after a few seconds in your mouth, your taste buds catching the semi-sweet chocolate right before you swallow. I ate some that night and the rest of the Brown Sugar Blondie the next morning for breakfast. My fingertips glistened and I was a happy camper.

I will happily pay for my next batch of Do-Goodie brownies. All the profits go to the Greyston Foundation to support jobs, childcare, health care and housing for the underprivileged.

The Do-Gooders at Greyston Bakery did good.

*   *   *

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