Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Clear & Lucid & Natural & Simple Conscious

Clear & Lucid & Natural & Simple by Conscious. It can be a quick read for instant "aha moments" or one that can take a few days to get through because his gems of wisdom will cause moments of contemplation.

While reading Clear & Lucid I had flashbacks to many of the conversations I've had with Conscious. Why won't he use revolving doors? He explained it to me in such a way that it's up to me to figure it out. That quote is on page 66 and it's written 6 times--there must be meaning to that as well. Sometimes what he (or Montag or the Bronx Über Villain) says doesn't hit me right away. I can see it now, I'll by lying (half)  awake, having a restless night, amethyst helping me none and something I read in the book will become clear. Seeing his statements in print made them real again. And there are times when speaking to Conscious and while I was reading Clear & Lucid that it's as if Conscious is reading my heart. "Bout to 'life' #unfollow some ppl." Yes! I've taken this step numerous times. Recent eclipses and constant growth as a person have made it easier. Certain relationships/people eclipse their way our of your life and we're the better for it.

The book is full of lessons on party etiquette, social networking, sustainability, the Universe, running a business, being an artist, government control, sleep, technology and life. Sounds like a lot to cover but the statements Conscious makes are very succinct; there's no need for flowery language. Give Conscious 102 pages of your time. "If you give me a moment of attention undivided, the least I will give you in return is something to think about."

The opening line of the foreword made me laugh. Out loud. Because it is so true. Conscious has so much useful information and a need to share it that's it's easy for his to get caught up in his excitement. It's hard not to let someone like that talk and talk and talk... you get the point. But in all seriousness, Conscious wants to bring out the best in everyone he encounters. And those that are open to receive his good intentions and love benefit. There's one quote in Clear & Lucid & Natural & Simple that sums up Conscious to me: Some people believe I'm magic. Surely I'm not. I perform feats on occasion. But you can too.

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  1. Wow! I can't begin to thank you for such a wonderful review. You're amazing!


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