Thursday, January 23, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII Week in NYC

January 27 to February 2 will be affectionately known as Super Bowl Week in New York City. Well, affectionately known to me but to others it'll be known as a traffic-jam, clogged-sidewalk causing nightmare. Either way, it will be a high-energy time in NYC no matter how cold the temperatures may be.

I'll be working with the NY/NJ Super Bowl XLVIII Host Committee at various tourist welcome sites and along Super Bowl Boulevard perimeter. This gig is right up my alley. Need directions? Need help purchasing a metrocard? Need help hailing a taxi? Need help getting to your terminal to catch your flight? Need to know where to go to avoid all the Super Bowl Madness? Need to make sense of the madness that will be Penn Station, Times Square, Grand Central, or the PATH trains (the game will be played in New Jersey)? It's just a small part of what I do as {The} Native Creative Concierge and it's what I'll be doing during Super Bowl with for the Host Committee.

I'm actually looking forward to the visitors here for the Super Bowl or NHL Stadium Series, to celebrate Chinese New Year, to workout with Billy Blanks (like I'll be doing again!) or to just to be in NY. I already met a NY transplant who is excited for the big game and his role with the Host Committee. At our orientation, Koba, from Japan told me he fell in love with American football when he first watched a game. When he learned he could work with the Host Committee he signed up (and passed the background check we had to agree to).

Look out for the gold jackets around New York and New Jersey during Super Bowl Week. We're there to help!

Trying on my gear courtesy of Weatherproof®

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