Saturday, November 6, 2010

How Bold Is Crazy?

It's 6am on a Saturday or maybe 4am on a Thursday. They're on your mind. You want to talk to that particular person. Or have some sort of contact with them. So you psyche yourself up to be bold. Then you start to come up with any excuse not to reach out to them--it's too late, it's too early, they'll think you're bothering them, maybe they're with someone else...

You toss and turn. Can't sleep because you're too busy replaying all these could-be scenarios in your head. You log on to Facebook or Twitter and do some cyber-stalking or just a cyber check-in (we're trying to stay away from 'crazy'). You see they're online. They've posted something 5 minutes ago.


They posted something one minute ago.

You tweet about not being able to sleep. About how much you love sharing your bed, make reference to a private joke you two shared or maybe you're hoping you can just tweet "..." and they'll see it and know that you're tweeting that ellipses to them, because of them, because you want to talk to them, just some sort of contact at 6am on Saturday or 4am on Thursday.

Are they updating they're status via web, mobile web, ĆœberTwitter? They're home. Maybe in their bed, alone, on their iPhone or BB.

You've tweeted. Sent your bat signal into cyberspace.


They haven't responded. But that really annoying follower/friend of yours responded to you with a "Hey, what's up?" or "Me too" or ":-)"


Your particular person hasn't tweeted or updated. It's been 5 minutes. Did they log off? Fall asleep? Are they taking a shower? Fucking someone? It's 6am on Saturday or 4am on Thursday. It's possible they went out, hooked up with someone and are home with them now.


That annoying follower/friend you really should've blocked is still lurking, hoping they'll get some contact with you. They @ reply to you "can't sleep", "How you?" or ":-)" in case the first :-) was missed by you.

Nothing from your particular person. They're gone. They were online and ignored you. Do you DM them, because you know they get their DMs on their phone? Or do you text them? You're not drunk but you can pretend it was a drunk text/tweet if they don't respond favorably or at all. You could tell them you miss them, wish they were in bed with you (but not in a let's-fuck-all-night kind of way, but in a I-love-your-energy, you're-such-a-good-person, let's-sleep-together kind of way) but you don't wanna be labeled as 'emo' because they'll never tweet you again and instead they'll tweet about you--that guy or girl who hit them up at 6am on Saturday or 4am on Thursday. Then you'd crumble. Or you may even get defensive and launch your own passive-aggressive attack online about dudes being heartless or bitches being... bitches.

Now it's 8am on Saturday or 6am on Thursday. You either have to get up and go to work where you'll tweet all day about how tired you are how you can't wait for the weekend, or tweet about how you were "up all night" hoping someone will interpret that to mean you were up having sex or partying all night instead of up thinking about your particular person all because you wanted to talk, have some sort of contact at 6am on Saturday or 4am on Thursday.

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