Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Positive of Mercury Retrograde

Old photo from my trip to GA. Photo taken by my bro, "Kid"

Merely writing this blog post is indicative of Mercury Retrograde. Lately my work and creative energies have been focused on photography and exercise and fitness -- areas of my life that I've gone back to recently.

Revise, Rewrite, Rework, Relearn, Rekindle...

Bare Men is a major focus point right now. The project has taken on new life. I'll even be able to preview images this spring in an exhibit -- I've found a home for my nude men.

I have astute body awareness. My body awareness has been at an "11" on a scale of 1 to 10 for about a month. Part due to hormones, part due to my workouts. DOMS is the truth. Going from being able to do 3 to doing 8 divebombers is the truth. Super Bowl Sunday I attended a workout led by Billy Blanks. At City College. Where I spent A LOT of time in junior high and high school. He remembered me from the first time I went to his training session at a dojo in Brooklyn. Tae Bo really represents "going back to move forward" for me. I went back to an "old" neighborhood and an "old" institution to participate in an "old" workout...

Don't Pet The Fro™ was born again. My original design on the white tee was horrendous. Not something I was proud of so I never promoted it or backed it. On February 6, the first day of Mercury Retrograde, I released the new ones.Three cheers for second chances!

There's always the danger of an ex resurfacing during Mercury Retrograde, but I don't expect that to happen to me. Have you had to deal with a blast from the past already? Do you think you might?

I've even returned to old neighborhoods and old hairstyles.

A few minor technological issues (I restart my cell phone a bit more nowadays and Google Chrome is "not responding" more often but it's nothing that makes me want to throw my computer through the window).

What are you revisiting during this Mercury Retrograde period? Are there life lessons you're getting another chance at learning so you can move forward? Any instances of déjà vu in your life?

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