Saturday, July 11, 2015

#AbbieSnapsPhotos in NYC! (UPDATED)

We've been in the grips of a humid summer here in NY. And I don't do humidity if I don't absolutely have to. I also know there are lots of other people like me and we all should be in a great mood to create some great photos. So I've changed the date of #AbbieSnapsPhotos. It will take place on Thursday, July 16.

Remember, you can always check the hashtag on Twitter for the latest updates!


Want a freebie?

On Monday July 13, #AbbieSnapsPhotos around NYC. I'll tweet my location throughout the day using the hashtag #AbbieSnapsPhotos. Find me and get your photo taken! I will be in high-traffic areas as well as some quieter locales.

One shot deal, one press of the shutter. 

Images will be posted on Instagram the following day using the same hashtag and #AbigailEkuePhotography

Follow #AbbieSnapsPhotos for any updates, or if I have to reschedule due to weather (I don't do humidity if I don't have to).

Get ready for your close-up!

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