Friday, October 21, 2016

Exclusive Interview in HUF Magazine! Abigail Ekue: Author, Photographer, Artist, Provocateur

I'm pleased to announce that my exclusive interview in HUF Magazine is published in Issue #54. This summer I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from the editor requesting the interview and obliged.

It was a fun interview. HUF asked about my first paid shoot and my most recent shoot and how they differed --

My first paid portrait shoot was a male nude shoot. It was for very little pay and the images were for a feminist artist (or painter, I don't remember) to use. I got to use the photos for my portfolio. Around the same time, I was hired to cover a community event. That shoot paid more. My most recent shoot was a shoot for my Bare Men series. It differed from my first paid shoot because I had tons more creative freedom and worked with a model who was comfortable with the terms of the series - visible face and full-frontal nudity. That allows the shoot to flow so much easier.

If I photographed any celebrities, brands, designers or companies and I was able to relive the Wrestlemania press conference I was invited to --

I haven't photographed any celebrities or brands for hire. I did get to shoot a UFC press conference and got good shots of many of the MMA athletes. I was invited to the Wrestlemania 30 press conference in NY where I was able to shoot WWE Superstars. Other events in NY that I attended gave me the opportunites to take photos of the Harlem Globetrotters, Martha Plimpton, BMX and professional skateboarding athletes and authors.

And whether or not I’m represented by agencies -- (not yet!)

I am not currently represented by an agency but I am seeking representation. I know through an agency I'll have a wider reach for my work and will get the bigger editorial assignments I'm interested in.

I loved the opportunity to share not only about my photography, but also my writing and Don't Pet The Fro™... and I love the four-page spread! Check it out!

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