Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Waving The Red Flag

My online dating experiment continues...

I received this note in response to one I sent after reading someone's post/profile:

Hey Abigail,

Thanks for answering my little post. I forgot to mention something that may be very important to you: I'm short. 5'7 ... just thought I'd mention it. ;)

By the way, I try to stay fit also. I run every day. And try to avoid unhealthy stuff. It's too easy to let yourself go. And it's depressing to throw your health away. I think most American are obese because they're sad. It's just filling a void.

Having said that I put on 5 pounds in the past 2 weeks ... nuff said.

What kind of writing to you do? Fiction or screenwriting? Care to discuss?


-- xxxxxxxxxx

I joke that he must know about my "thing" with short men. It's clear to me that he's dealt with other women in the past who also have the same "thing".

But the heart of the matter is his next comment about people being sad and filling a void with food and his recent weight gain. My red flag radar is always on. I have no desire to meet a(nother) depressed person. Let alone an older man (45+) who more than likely is set in his ways. Not to mention that he'd probably fill his void with whomever he dates and that's not healthy either. So I could send a "Thanks, but no thanks" note or leave him cyber-hanging. What do you do when the red flag flapping in the wind slaps you in the face?

*   *   *

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