Friday, May 18, 2012

Been There, Done French

I was talking to a guy about travel. Naturally, Paris came up in the conversation. I told him it would've been great if I had visited Paris in my 20's but that I was also glad to be going now as a full-fledged adult. I'd have a better handle on the language, and what to expect from the locals (namely the men). I won't be seduced, instead I'd choose the man I want and then let him think he seduced me.

The guy I was speaking with isn't from NY so I asked him if he'd heard of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case (DSK is now counter-suing the hotel maid he is accused of sexually assaulting). He had vague knowledge of the case and I explained to him what I'd learned, while researching the DSK scandal, about the sexual entitlement French men seem to exhibit -- the s├ęducteur. How much of that is actually "fah real", he asked.

Let me share the story I shared with him.

I thought I was meeting a man to practice French. After some mix-up and mistaken identity, it didn't work out but I did meet a Parisian expat who's been here 3 years. We said our goodbyes about 10 minutes after clearing up the mix-up. Fast forward two days:

HIM (via text): Hello Abbie! It's -------, the real one, not the Cl guy! How are you?

Me: Good Morning, ----------. I'm doing well today. Comment ca va?

HIM: Ca va! Thinking about you and about what you are looking for on Cl?

Me: Je ne parle pas francais. I want to learn conversational French. I plan on visiting Paris. I have Rosetta Stone but I also want to practice.

HIM: Oh! I see!

Me: Yes. I wasn't trying to harass you. What did you think?

HIM: So, I guess you're not interested to share a bottle of wine, kisses and sex at my place tonight?

Me: ???????

Me: This must be the CL guy

HIM: No! You know that this number is the real one! If you want to learn french language, you have to learn french culture... I know what I want! So...

Me: I know about that part of French culture. I've had French lovers.

Been there, done them mon homme

HIM: Great! So, don't be afraid! I'm honest with you but I'm a gentleman!

This continued for a while longer. I told him I appreciated his honesty but was wary of the whole situation. If I were to meet him again just in general, it'd have to be in public.

HIM: And for tonight, it's ok! I propose, you decide! I'm sad but I understand!

HIM: Tonight or never! It's my way to live, the life is too short! Take the right decision! :)

Apparently it was a one-day sale*

Me: That's unfortunate.

HIM: Very!:)

HIM: If you change your mind...

One-day sales always happen more than once

Me: You said tonight or never so if YOU change your mind...

HIM: :)

*Before posting this blog (it was in my drafts folder) he has contacted me again asking what I like to drink and invited me to "come over".

*   *   *


  1. The things people say about French men are interesting - when I was there, I was only approached twice and it wasn't creepy - just annoying. Other than that, I had no problems while I was abroad.

    Then again, I don't get approached living in the US, nor is flirting something I'm overly familiar with (though, I did approach a guy to hang out with me who I thought was cute and was rejected - another story that's on total repeat in my life).

    :3 But your experience is interesting. Perhaps you'll meet some cute boys in France?

  2. Yeah I've never had a creepy experience either but the one in this blog went from 0 - 60! I'm sure I'll meet some lovely men in France. :-)


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