Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Musings On French Sex

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former IMF chief attacks a hotel housekeeper, a "chambermaid" this past weekend; chases her stark nude down the hallway, forces himself on her and forces her to perform oral sex. She escapes. He flees. She reports the incident. He's apprehended on the tarmac, minutes before take-off. This is something straight out of a movie, or Law & Order: SVU.

Or a cartoon.

Pepe le Pew, anyone?

Does this explain why Strass-Kahn is considered the victim by some French supporters?

I used to watch cartoons all the time growing up, Pepe le Pew included. In the beginning it was, "Aww, he really likes the cat, that he thinks is a skunk." But geez, after a while it became clear to me as a prepubescent that she wasn't interested and he didn't care.

There must be some truth to that portrayal of French men, no?

French men are portrayed as highly sexualized Rakes. There's not a lot of  masculinity to French men. I wouldn't consider them Alpha males, but there is an undeniable sexuality and sensuality that is intoxicating. I've gotten drunk off of it a few times. However, the sense of sexual entitlement--is it taught outright in French culture? Is it accepted by men and women? Is a man not considered to be truly interested in a woman unless he forces himself on her; so taken by her beauty that he becomes a beast?

Strauss-Kahn was described as behaving like a gorilla during the attack, the sexual assault grew violent. Praise be, I've never experienced that from any man. Thankfully, if I've said "no", that's where it stopped. I think part of the "acceptance" (in the U.S.) is because very rarely are the incidents portrayed as violent. The woman is "talked" into the situation. He'll caress her face, steal a kiss, but they're sure to make it clear it was kiss she "wanted", one she couldn't resist.

Side note: Will Warner Bros. reconsider the live-action Pepe Le Pew movie in light of this scandal?

Men go to Rio. Women go to Paris...?

A friend of mine invited herself on one of my future trips to Paris. I agreed that it would be a lot of fun; we could make it a Girl's Only trip, she said she plans on meeting a few "Frenchies". That's the purpose of her trip. I won't be a prude like Lois in Family Guy's "Foreign Affairs". I can relate to Bonnie and I can relate to my friend. There's this desire to be seduced and sexed by a man from Paris that's driving them across the Atlantic. I wouldn't be surprised if many of the men who "service" foreigners are married. I wonder if it's considered their duty to make a woman's trip memorable? Is this common knowledge to everyone? If so, how accepting are their wives or partners? I've got some research to do.

Listen to whaFrançois says in this clip...

Now if you haven't already, watch Irréversible (2002) directed by Gaspar Noé.

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  1. Crazy, how cartoons influence folk. Or did reality influence the cartoon. Either way, this is a known behavior and stereotype from this region of the planet. Doesn't justify it at all though.. so dude is by far NOT A VICTIM.

  2. I do believe the stereotype is based on some truth, possibly exaggerated but there's something to it.

    There's no way I consider him a victim, but I want to get a better understanding of the cultural expectations and allowances.

    A movie like "Irréversible" showed it wasn't all "romantic"

  3. You are ignorant of culture and customs in France, just like you said. If the best compairasons you can come up with are the Looney Toons and Irréversible it also appears that you are biased and that your opinions reflect a sort of common, un-original and bland cliché of France (and Paris as I do live there ).

    You are entitled to you opinions and if you want to post them all over the net (or at least Craigslist, where I found your link) that's your right. I'm just going to class your post as another useless and halfways racist rant.

    And in response to your question "Read on after asking yourself this question: Are you ready to think?" I answer yes and invite you to do the same (because there is a difference between thinking for one's self and taking cartoon stereotypes for reality).

    - Nick from Paris

    P.S. this response has absolutely nothing to do wih D. Strauss-Kahn

  4. Yes, those are stereotypes which is why I want to learn what the reality is in France/French culture. There are stereotypes about Black people that I don't fit into but the stereotypes still exist.

    I'm questioning the way your culture is portrayed. The Strauss-Kahn incident which took place in NY is what triggered the thought process. To repeat my question, do men have a sense of sexual entitlement? What are the sexual politics in France? What is the role of the French gender double-standard -- the séducteur?


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