Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where's The Love(r)?

Love's First Kiss by Thomas Blackshear 

I want a lover. I want romance.

Maybe I'm mushy because of the Full Moon in Scorpio.

I couldn't stop smiling watching Parks and Recreation; happy and touched that Leslie and Ben finally kissed. Abed and Annie lit something in me as they kissed while showered in orange paint. Sitcoms. This is what brings me romantic flutters of joy? I've been thinking about being wined and dined. Having my feet rubbed. Massaging his back after a long day at work. Toasting to "us". Don't stand to close to me, you might be roped into a hug and then find yourself whisking me away to a far away land.

Now would be the time to market a romantic comedy to me. I'm usually not a big RomCom fan, but the way I feel now, I'd probably write one. The closest I got to one was my script, "Fly on the Wall" starring an interracial 20-something couple--him an occult-loving alcoholic, her a writer with multiple lovers.

Recently I've had quite a few blasts from the past. A lot of my former lovers have contacted me. I mean some I totally forgot about. I actually had to tell one dude I wasn't excited to hear from him when he couldn't understand why there was no "glee" in my voice. Sorry boys, you know I've never been able to fake it.

Where's the guy who's crushing on me? Not someone infatuated with what or who they think I am, or someone who's hyper-sexualized me because of photos they've seen, but someone truly taken by me. Men tend to fall in love instantly, they just know that she's "the one". So I guess I haven't had that fateful meeting yet.

I want that next first kiss. Those are great. I don't mind having them stolen from me either. The men have been keen on reading me--it's always worked out that the ones I want to kiss, kiss me.

I could quite possibly find that romance with someone I already know. It's not unusual to end up with a friend. They'll be very unassuming at first till one day, wham! I'm in love.

*    *    *

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