Monday, May 2, 2011

Are Mom Jeans My Destiny?

I've owned a pair of Levi's Signature jeans for years. While packing up my life recently, I stuck that pair of jeans in the bag with the rest of my denim. Smart move. I have a short waist as it is so regular rise or "classic" rise jeans are hit-or-miss. The waist of the Levi's practically chafes my armpits so I've never worn them. Until yesterday.

Every single pair of jeans I own is sporting the now trademark rips and slits on the inner thigh. I've completely busted through the seam on quite a few pairs. So I was forced to buy a pair of jeans on Friday. Not something I budgeted for but it had to be done. Last year, I had a painful breakup with Express when I couldn't find a fit that fit. I went back to Old Navy.

Last September/October, I took a trip to Old Navy with a male friend and bought 4 pairs of jeans - 2 of The Flirt Boot Cut and 2 Sweetheart Boot Cut. They suited me well with their Mid-rise and Classic rise. But by January of this year they were showing signs of defeat. In I went to Old Navy again. I found my size in the Flirt and went on my way, resisting the Buy One Get 50% OFF deal the cashier told me about. "Nope, I gotta stick to my budget," I told her.

Getting ready to go out last night, I pick up the jeans. This little voice inside said, "Put the jeans on before you rip off the tags, Abigail." Another smart move. Those jeans were snug. They fit like stiff spandex; missing was the give I expect in a "stretch" jean. "What the fuck!" I was pissed that I spent money I didn't really have and on top of that the jeans don't fucking fit? I compared the new pair with the old pair I planned on replacing them with. Ok, same size. The wash was slightly different but I did notice they felt different. Naturally, my old jeans would be softer because they're worn, but that wasn't it. I checked the tags and it all became crystal clear.

Old Navy "The Flirt" jeans purchased Sept/Oct 2010

Old Navy "The Flirt" jeans purchased 4/29/2011

Wretched polyester. And the high cotton prices are to blame. Manufacturers are using less cotton in garments. I read about that in NY Magazine (here's the web edition. There's much to comment on about the countries these garments were made in, isn't there?). So not only has the economy caused me to go on job hunt rants and question, "Now What?", but now I can't find a pair of jeans to clothe my powerful legs. I wore the Levi's last night. I'm wearing those Levi's (98% Cotton) until their inseams give way. Other than the abnormally high waist, they're a good pair of jeans. Time to break out the skirts? GAH! Don't make me do it!

*   *   *

Sporting my old new pair of Mom jeans


  1. I HATE buying jeans! It is the worst experience if you're fortunate enough to be shaped like a woman.

  2. Yes, such is the case, if you have curves, you great in jeans...if you can find a pair that fits!!

  3. I agree. Plus, Old Navy jeans fall apart so fast. You get what you pay for. I hate that they always rip in the inner thigh, though. Ugh. Thanks for pointing this out. Sad that cotton prices are higher as cotton is THE BEST.

  4. Cotton is indeed the best. Let's keep our fingers crossed that things will change soon. I sent this post to Old Navy as well...


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