Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scan For My Best Fit

Could this be the answer?

A full body scanner to find what size you wear in over 50 brands. I usually have to try on jeans, pants, skirts, shorts because the sizing is never uniform. I have to find clothing that will accommodate my thighs, butt, waist and height all in one garment. So into the scanner I'd go and 15 seconds later it'll take roughly 200,000 body measurements and match me with my best fit(s). Hmm...

Currently, the mybestfit scanner (now Me-Ality™) is only available in King of Prussia Mall in King of Prussia, PA. New York, Long Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Diego will be getting mybestfit body scanners by the end to the year. I'd definitely try it. Plus it's a free service. With my luck, it'll probably match me to a brand I can't afford, suggest jeggings or match me with Old Navy.

One of the brands that mybestfit matches shoppers with is Lane Bryant. Glad to know the plus sizes will be represented. Will this technology encourage more brands to make plus-size clothing? I don't totally agree that making clothes bigger will encourage people to remain big. That was one of the arguments when brands started manufacturing plus-size clothing for tweens and adolescents. Until they're taught to move their bodies and eat healthy, they still need clothing that fits. It's about being comfortable in your clothing--physically and emotionally.

On the other side of the equation, will this technology encourage brands to manufacture sizes that fit different shapes? I don't know about you, but I'm tired of seeing superfluous butt cracks and people stuffing themselves into clothes that don't fit. Most recently, Levi's released the Curve ID to accommodate different body shapes. Taking into account both factors--size and shape--seems like a no-brainer. We all can't afford custom-made clothing but that may be the future.

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