Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's Next, President Obama?

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

By now, I'm sure you've heard that Osama Bin Laden was located and killed. This plan was in motion for months; this past week was the climax or the last 20 minutes of the movie I'm sure is to follow.

This past week, Donald Trump was determined to be a nuisance to the president. The president couldn't be the president because he wasn't born in said country he's president of.

Don't have time for this silliness

Navy SEALs are making strategic plans under the direction of their commander-in-chief to capture Geronimo.

During The Correspondents' Dinner, Trump (and FOX News, Matt Damon and NPR) was now on the receiving end of some much deserved silliness. Not only did he release his birth certificate but the video of his birth as well! Saturday night.

Sunday afternoon and night. President Obama, Vice President Biden (clutching Rosary beads) and various other CIA and military officials wait and listen in the Situation Room.

The Situation Room, May 1, 2011 | Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Geronimo EKIA -- Enemy Killed in Action.

After, President Obama called members of Congress then told the public.

We have to wonder what else President Obama is working on.

I appreciate how covertly this operation was executed. Though he is the president and promised transparency during his administration, there's a time and place for full disclosure. There's also a time to not let your plans, thoughts and actions be known.

Many need to take a clue from Obama. It's unfortunate that Twitter and Facebook (social media in general) are so accessible that some decide to tweet every mundane action or their own plans for world domination. They stay "losing" (read: not winning), fail and blame it on "haters". Well, if you'd kept your mouth shut, no one would've known your plan, been privy to your every move and they wouldn't have sabotaged you with their "hating". Emulate the POTUS, do what you gotta do, then let people know when it's done and move on to the next thing on your agenda. It may do you some good to shut up.

Now we wait for the release of The President's Speech!

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