Monday, May 14, 2012

Talk to me about Shame

A solo performance by Juilan Goldhagen

A few weeks ago, I attended the solo performance, Talk to me about Shame, by Julian Goldhagen. He's a great storyteller; he brought us to speed on not wanting to go to a friend's birthday party, losing his virginity and never having sex with that sex again and copping a squat on an African mountaintop for the ultimate release. Goldhagen's vulnerability and courage are magnetic. 

He wasn't alone on stage, per se. He interviewed people on the topic of shame. I shared that shame (and the related emotion, guilt) is most associated with sex and sexuality -- this I've noticed due to my interactions with people via my art -- and shame is a learned emotion. At some point we're taught to feel shame about enjoying sex, who we have sex with, how we have sex all the while being shamed into not talking about it. That's a shame. The tentacles grab hold and cause shame of our bodies and appearance, the food we eat...

Goldhagen is continuing work on Talk to me about Shame to expand it into a full-length show. Look out for him.

A few more images from Talk to me about Shame are on my tumblr.

Recommended viewing: TED Talk - Brené Brown: Listening to shame


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