Saturday, January 7, 2012

Your Black Is Beautiful

I was contacted earlier this week about participating in an upcoming PSA and documentary, Black is Beautiful, a project created by Babatunde Odesanya of the Black and Latino Film Coalition.

"This documentary is the culmination of 100 Black and Latina women verbally celebrating the strength, power and beauty of being a person of color.  From their hair, to their features to their varied tones, these ladies will be expressing why "Black Is Beautiful" to them."

I jumped on the opportunity. Cast members have to submit a bio, a photo and the statement (one paragraph) on why Black is Beautiful.

My initial response was, "because it is. I'm Black. Why wouldn't I think I'm beautiful?" That's probably not the sort of statement they're looking for but I will incorporate that sentiment because that came from my core, no thought involved. I'd never given any conscious thought to why Black is Beautiful before. So this is a challenge I welcome--figure out the answer and then find a way to express it. I welcome projects that seek personal statements that are deceptively simple (reminds me of the Am I A Black Feminist question I tackled last year).

Wish me luck on writing my statement!

Photo credit: Mike Cinquino

**The Black is Beautiful documentary & PSA is still in the midst of a fundraising campaign to cover costs and bring this project to the world. Donate Today.**

I'd love to know Why Your Black Beautiful.

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