Monday, April 23, 2012

My First Obscene Phone Call

It was about 6:30am. My phone rang and through blurry eyes I saw it was from a Restricted number. Because I receive some international calls that show up that way I accepted the call but didn't say anything. What I heard were sex sounds. Sounded muffled and I thought "another pocket dial". I hung up and rolled back over to sleep.

My phone rang again. Restricted number. Now I was annoyed and on guard. I accepted the call, put the call on speaker and still didn't say anything. This was a deliberate call. The male participant's moans and sex talk directed at his female partner were spoken into the phone as though he were wearing an earpiece or Bluetooth. I couldn't recognize his voice. I was searching my brain to figure out who would do this--did the guy on the phone sound like an ex?

After about 4 minutes they finished and then the man said, "Hello." I didn't respond. I still couldn't place the voice and was extra pissed now because that was confirmation that the call was intentional. He said "hello" a few more times, waiting each time for me to respond while his labored breathing steadied and he let out one more "Shit..." at how good his nut was.

"Just say 'hello' one more time", I thought and maybe I'd recognize the voice. Or maybe my silence would bait him into saying my name or more than one word so I'd know who it was. He did say "hello" a few more times, waited, and then he hung up.

Now I was in detective mode. If it's not someone I know (or who I remember) it's someone who "knows" me. I used to have my direct number in my email signature until one man who was going to pose for me sent me 5 text messages instead of emailing me back. That was the first and only time that happened and I changed my number that day. So it could be someone who received an email from me with my old email signature.

It could be a guy I met, exchanged numbers with, it didn't work out but they kept my number. But I'm notorious for deleting numbers of "undesirables" or potential whatevers that don't pan out.

It could be woman who put her dude up to it. I have certain people in mind who are capable of that.

It could be random obscene call.

I've already contacted my service provider.

I'm more on guard than I usually am. So my list is growing but, everyone's a suspect.

*   *   *

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