Monday, April 30, 2012

"Don't Pet the 'Fro" T-shirts Are Here

The babies have been born...

I've launched the "Don't Pet the 'Fro" T-shirts. I've gone through quite a few samples and I will continue to perfect and tweak the design (all while not allowing my inner perfectionist to slow the process). Visit my Wazala shop to order your t-shirt or as a gift!

A black V-neck was my original vision and I've made that happen! I've been wearing mine around the house and while running errands around my neighborhood... a lot. I'm sure you'll love yours too! It also seems to be the best seller. They're available in Ladies S to XXL and they run true to size. For reference, I'm wearing a Medium.

Don't Pet the 'Fro V-neck Black (Medium)

Right out of the box!

I wore the Crew neck t-shirt to work - since you have to "be your own billboard" - and got great response. American Apparel, but not sized for the average American. I'm wearing a Large, girly fit.

Be Your Own Billboard

Hmm..I guess it is pettable but...


And having a little fun expressing my frustration and rage at the whole stranger-hands-in-my-hair:

White Crew Neck "Don't Pet the Fro" T-shirt

Researching the best quality red V-neck, so look out for those. The fire engine or STOP sign red is an obvious choice.


Again, special thanks to the support and the push I've had up to this point, including Rockin' it Napptural!, TastyKeish, An Amazon Sews 'n Stuff  and the Tumblr family and beyond!

The onesies are going to be so cute...

*   *   *

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